Where did the name Hocus Pocus come from?

More and more often we hear the question about the name Hocus Pocus, and more precisely about the meaning and reason for choosing this name in the context of natural cosmetics. We will try to answer this question briefly and reliably. Although this name may initially be associated with magic or witchcraft, its choice resonates with the effectiveness of cosmetics based on biotechnology and active ingredients. The secret and magic lies in the effective action and vegan recipes of our cosmetics.

The essence of the Hocus Pocus brand consists of:

The magic of natural ingredients:

Hocus Pocus products contain extraordinary ingredients of natural origin that have a beneficial effect on the skin. This emphasizes the advanced care properties of the products.


Hocus Pocus is an original and innovative name. Our recipes are a combination of many natural active ingredients in effective concentrations. They complement each other in action to take care of many aspects of care.

Pleasure and care rituals:

The name evokes associations with mysterious rituals and the pleasure of using cosmetic products. Whoever has tried it knows how much joy our products can bring to the skin.

Security and trust:

All our products are tested in independent laboratories and contain only safe ingredients. In the 21st century, magic has been replaced by science and the use of its benefits. Another key point is that we research, test and inspect all products very thoroughly before launching them on the market.

Fun and Expression:

Hocus Pocus means no limits and freedom of expression. We do not impose anything. The products are for everyone, regardless of age and gender. You can use them as a skincare, and you can also take care of your tattoo with them. The safety of ingredients and rich recipes do not carry any limitations.

Our brand is not only a creative concept but also an original style. We consistently deliver high-quality products that live up to the promises made by the name.

Do you already know the feeling of a magical and pleasant experience that accompanies the use of Hocus Pocus products?