Apparatus Tests Results on Hocus Pocus Cosmetics

Hocus Pocus cosmetics have been apparatus tested at the Dr Koziej Cosmetics Research Institute.

Our vegan cosmetics achieved impressive results!

We checked the lightening of discoloration, improvement of firmness, reduction of redness of vascular lesions and transepidermal water loss (TEWL). The results are presented below:

SHOW OFF Serum! is a multi-task cosmetic rich in active substances. Brightens, moisturizes, improves tension, firms and regulates the secretion of sebum;
REMEDY cream is a wealth of soothing and moisturizing ingredients. Soothes irritations, moisturizes, reduces erythema and soothes inflammations;
THE ONE Oil! with a stable form of vitamin C and macadamia oil. It brightens, nourishes, firms and improves skin tone.