Which face moisturizer to choose? – Meet our ​hydrating pro!

Is it possible that one cream is suitable for every skin type? Many people will probably shake their heads no. Meanwhile, experienced users and users of premium cosmetics know that there is one such product that cannot be missing in any vanity case: a good moisturizing cream.

How is it that everyone needs it? Let’s consider this as an example of our blockbuster. This is REMEDY CREAM from Hocus Pocus!

A good cream is essential

Manufacturers love to offer a specific product for every possible problem. Anti-wrinkle, nourishing, serum secretion-regulating properties… Meanwhile, a classic moisturizing cream also works in this way! How is this possible?

In order to keep the skin in a healthy condition, it is necessary to ensure an adequate level of hydration. For this purpose, substances softening the epidermis, binding water in its deeper layers and limiting the escape of moisture will be necessary. This applies not only to sensitive skin, but also acne, oily and aging skin.

Dry skin is prone to blemishes, oiliness and flaking, as well as lacking elasticity, which tries to defend itself against dehydration. Therefore, the basis of any care should be a good moisturizing cream that will calm the skin and at the same time provide it with nourishment.

A good composition is the base

What should we find in a reliable moisturizing cream? The most important are humectants, i.e. water-binding substances, and emollients, which form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, limiting the escape of moisture from the s​kin.

Effective humectants are primarily aloe vera juice – the higher the concentration, the better. Next on the list are: vegetable glycerin and d-panthenol. In turn, good emollients include natural oils, such as grape seed and borage oil. The joint action of all these ingredients effectively reduces ​trans epidermal water loss (in short: TEWL).

REMEDY CREAM from the premium shelf

We are not groundless: in the formula of our moisturizing cream you will find aloe vera juice. Concentration is as much as 35%. 5% d-panthenol, vitamin E, natural extracts, oils and silver will provide long lasting hydration. Laboratory tests have confirmed that REMEDY CREAM improves hydration (TEWL) by 23% after the first application. Our product does not contain alcohol, fragrances or dyes, so it is perfect for sensitive, dry, couperose skin and skin with imperfections. It is also perfect for soothing irritation after shaving or cosmetic procedures.

Do not wait and provide your skin with the hydration it deserves!