Where is the bunny?

It must have been hiding somewhere because you won’t find the bunny symbol on our cosmetics. It goes without saying that we do not test on animals. We love them very much.

Throughout the European Union, it is forbidden to test cosmetics and raw materials for their production on animals.

What’s more, there is also a ban on the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals.


Therefore, all cosmetics produced in Poland, as well as all cosmetic products available on the market, are Cruelty Free.


It started back in 2004. The European Union was the first in the world to ban animal testing of finished cosmetics. In 2009 the ban on animal testing extended to cosmetic raw materials. Finally, in 2013, the sale of products that were tested on animals in the European Union was banned.

Other countries followed the EU’s footsteps, such as India, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway. The list includes also Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, parts of Brazil and California. The UK after brexit has upheld its animal testing ban. More and more countries are forcing cruelty free legislation.

Yes, we could buy the rights to put the “Cruelty Free” mark on packaging from accredited organizations. An the other hand why should we do that? In the European Union, this is purely a marketing operation. Many companies try to distinguish their products with the additional “Cruelty Free” label, but everyone is subject to the same law. No one in the European Union tests cosmetics on animals, because it is not allowed.

We promise that with the start of sales outside the European Union, we will ensure that our products have the appropriate markings. We want consumers in countries not covered by the ban on animal testing to be able to make an informed choice and find a bunny on a store shelf.

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