How to take care of a new tattoo? How to refresh a faded tattoo?

If you think that a tattoo must fade after a few years and that there is no power in nature to maintain its vivid colors for longer, we will be happy to convince you otherwise. Modern cosmetics are able not only to protect a tattoo against loss of color, but also to effectively refresh old compositions. Here are some suggestions for people who are looking for proven solutions!

Why does a tattoo fade anyway?

But let’s start from the beginning. How does it happen that colors lose their clarity over time? It turns out that our body perceives mascara as a foreign body that has got under the skin, so it tries to throw out the “intruder”. The dye molecules are introduced into the bloodstream and carried away by the blood. This process is accelerated if the tattoo site is frequently rubbed or exposed to sunlight. So remember to always use sunscreen!

What else causes a tattoo to fade? The depth of the ink injection under the skin, because the dye applied too shallowly will quickly be blurred. The quality of the preparations is also important: diluted ink with poor composition will quickly lose its color.

Let’s also remember that light colors lose their clarity more easily. White and pastel elements are particularly susceptible to fading, while black and saturated colors last much longer.

Caring for a fresh tattoo

This first stage after leaving the studio is crucial, because the further appearance of the ink depends on proper healing. Remedy cream contains aloe juice, d-panthenol, vitamin E, natural extracts and antiseptic silver. These premium ingredients work together to moisturize, soothe irritations and support epidermal repair.

Care of a healed tattoo

The key during this stage is daily moisturization of both the deep layers of the skin and the epidermis. Natural oils and a stable form of vitamin C, which you can find in THE ONE! oil, are very effective. After the first use, you will notice an improvement in your skin tone and beautiful illumination.

Caring for a faded tattoo

Refreshing your color is very easy as long as you use a premium ingredient. Azeloglicina®, developed by biotechnologists and included in the SHOW OFF! serum, effectively lightens discolorations, moisturizes and firms the skin. Our cosmetic gently exfoliates and stimulates the skin to regenerate, and as a result, tattoos become refreshed and regain their original colors.

Try our vegan cosmetics and enjoy beautiful tattoos for years!